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float  with  the  flock

High Vibrational Adornments

Ethically sourced + mindfully crafted

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Size Guide

XS - 6" 

S - 6.5"

M - 7"

L - 7.5"

XL - 8"

XXL - 8.5"

Beads of a Feather

BOAF specializes in reiki infused adornments to cultivate the powerful healing of nature into our everyday lives. From jewelry to home decor, everything is fostered with care, strung with intention, energetically charged and celestially connected to embrace your wild nature :)

Naturally Curated

Ethically Sourced


BOAF blossomed among a journey for deeper connection. It bloomed from an enthusiasm for universal energy and psychology in combination with a passion for the natural world. It represents a channeling outlet of expression and connection. A way to connect with yourself and your intentions and recognize your own beauty in the art of life!

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