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Beads of a Feather


Women-owned small business

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Our Intent Is All For Your Delight

BOAF blossomed among a journey for deeper connection. It bloomed from an enthusiasm for universal energy and psychology in combination with a passion for the natural world. It represents a channeling outlet of expression and connection. A way to connect with yourself and your intentions and recognize your own beauty in the art of life!

I, Jessica O'Connell, am the proud creatrix of Beads of a Feather! I love getting creative with fun ways to bring the powerful healing of the natural world into our everyday lives. I am Reiki certified and love to combine my eclectic crystal knowledge and experiences to help connect people with the stones best suited for them. Having the space to allow people to be themselves and connect through earthly wonders is where the magic happens! Hope to catch you out sharing in the groove!​


BOAF strives to create an environment of inclusion! We are working towards building a community sanctuary where we can cultivate safe spaces of connection, creative expression, education and healing. Until then we are hitting the streets and coming to you!

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The  BOAF  Way


The ethical sourcing of materials used is very important to us! We take great care to work with upstanding people to ensure we are supporting the communities that uphold the standards and practices that are respectful to ALL!


The creation process is respectfully held to ensure all the products are strung with intention and cultivated with care. Each item is reiki infused and made with love!


All BOAF babes are charged with the Lunar cycles. They also are regularly cleansed with sustainable sage to ensure they are ready to connect and bloom with you :)

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